GoGoGo Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

GoGoGo Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

GoGoGo Golf Laser Rangefinder
Grade: C+
Teacher’s Comments: A nice basic rangefinder that uses standard AAA batteries.

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When the first laser rangefinders for golf came on the market, they were heavy, clunky and expensive. My first was a Bushnell and it was a beast. Fast forward a couple of decades and the latest versions now are lightweight, small, packed with features and less than $100.

The GoGoGo Laser Rangefinder definitely falls into that latter category. It is small, lightweight and has a plethroa of neat features.

Even better, it is one of the best values on the market; it is available right now on Amazon for $89.

As a basic rangefinder, it just works. Aim it at a target, click a button and get an instant reading of distance. It works very quickly, and I have had no problems getting a lock on the flag from any reasonable distance in the fairway. The readings also align with what I get from my Garmin S70 Smartwatch.

GoGoGo says the rangefinder has a +/- 1m accuracy. I have no reason to doubt that.

Beyond the basic function of getting the distance to a flag or hazard, the GoGoGo offers features such as flag locking vibration, and slope function.

I honestly have never found slope functions of much use. If I know the distance, I can eyeball the elevation change and adjust the club without help. My guess is that the same is true of all better golfers for whom it makes a difference to know if a flag is 110 or 115 out.

However, if you’re less confident of your eyes, it’s probably a good thing to have. Knowing your distances inspires confidence, and golf is all about confidence.

If you are a cart rider, you will appreciate the presence of a magnet on the GoGoGo to attach it to the roof rails. You won’t need — as many do — a case or an external strap.

The GoGoGo comes with a one year warranty, which isn’t great, but better than nothing.

Finally, there’s the matter of the battery. Unlike a lot of laser range finders these days, the GoGoGo runs on AAA batteries rather than rechargables. There are pros and cons to that design choice. If your rechargable runs out of juice in the middle of a round, there’s nothing you can do. WIth a standard battery, you can keep an extra in the bag.

On the other hand, ordinary batteries will need regular replacement. I didn’t exhaust a battery during my extended test, but I don’t check distance on every shot, either. The last rangefinder I had with batteries needed frequent replacement.

In all, the GoGoGo laser rangefinder is a nice budget choice, if you are okay with the standard battery and one year warranty. If not, you may want to step up a level to a more expensive unit.

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2 thoughts on “GoGoGo Golf Laser Rangefinder Review”

  1. My GPS uses two AA batteries. I use a pair of rechargeable AA batteries and carry a spare set. When my pair goes out, I swap them with the two in my bag. After the round, I put another pair in the bag as spares and the two dead batteries go into my home plug-in charger. The six batteries rotate. I typically get 2+ rounds out of a pair of recharged batteries and usually swap the batteries out after two rounds whether they are kaput or not.

    On that basis, I would not consider the use of AAA batteries a huge negative. Purchasing 6-8 rechargeable AAA batteries and a charger is not a huge expense. I actually like having standard size rechargeable batteries since I can carry spares. My friend’s GPS requires him to take the unit home to charge. He can forget to bring the unit to the course or forget to charge it. My unit just stays in the bag with the spare batteries.


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