Golf Gifts In The Sears Wishbook 1972

Golf Gifts In The Sears Wishbook 1972

I wasted some time today browsing through scans of old Christmas wishbooks from Sears, JC Penny and Montgomery Ward on WishbookWeb.Com. It was a nice trip down nostalga lane seeing toys and games from my childhood.

While browsing, I ran across a couple of golf gift pages. The Johnny Miller line of apparel (at top of page) is classic early ’70s.

“Flared, Double-Knit Slacks” with Elastic Ban-Rol waistband.

The pants are $16.95, which is the equivalent of $113.59 in 2022. A nice pair of Under Armour golf pants today on Amazon will set you back $85.

Miller had won just two PGA TOUR events by December 1972: the Southern Open Invitational in 1971 and the Sea Pines Heritage Classic in 1972.

The following year, Miller would win the US Open at Oakmont.

Below is a page of golf equipment: a couple of practice putting trainers and a starter set of clubs for $39.99.

The starter set included two woods (made of epoxy resin), four irons, a putter and a bag.

In today’s dollars, $40 is the equivalent of $268.

I checked Amazon to see what sort of clubs you could get for around $268 today. There’s a brand called Precise (Amazon Link), which offers a driver, fairway, hybrid, 5-PW, a putter and a stand bag for $277.

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