Golf Is Everywhere: Mr. Mayor

Golf Is Everywhere: Mr. Mayor

A recent episode of NBC’s Mr. Mayor had Mayor Bremer (Ted Danson), Arpi Meskimen (Holly Hunter), Tommy Tomas (Mike Cabellon) and Jayden Kwapis (Bobby Moynihan) out on a round of golf.

Holly Hunter hits an awkward shot.

Mr. Mayor is about a retired Los Angeles businessman who runs for Mayor and surprisingly wins. He’s a bit in over his head. Arpi (Hunter) is his deputy, who is equal parts help and hindrance. I find the show enjoyable.

In the episode the Mayor takes key staff members to his private club for some together time — something he says he has not even done for his accountant who made him “negative ten thousand dollars” last year. The staff is not appreciative as they spend their time trying to sell him on various projects.

I find it interesting that they are walking on the round. Also noted was a product placement from PXG.

I’d like to know what course this is.

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