Golf Poetry For Spring

Washtenaw Golf Club, April 6, 2022

Golf Poetry For Spring

Spring is here, and in its honor, I present a bit of golf poetry. The first is from an anonymous author from 1900; the second is my own little verse.

In The Spring
by Anonymous, circa 1900

IN the spring a richer tinting comes upon the verdant scene ; 
In the spring the eager golfers crowd once more around the green; 
In the spring a mighty longing sweeps the city's crowded plots ; 
In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to mashie shots.

Spring is a great time for Michigan golf. Greening grass, budding trees and emerging flowers signal the beginning of an all-too-brief Michigan golf season. Cool air makes walking pleasant, although spring rain often makes the ground damp.

The time change facilitates a lot of golf. Starting this week, I can play golf at Washtenaw Golf Club (course link) near GolfBlogger World Headquarters until nearly eight o’clock in the evening.. By the end of April, it will be light until 8:30 pm. By the end of May, it won’t get dark until after 9 pm.

That’s enough to make any golfer wax poetic. So I wrote my own little ditty:

How I love Daylight Saving Time, 
The longer days are quite sublime
With clocks sprung forward, I embrace the way, 
The time shift brings me longer days.

No longer rushed by setting sun
There's now more time for golfing fun.
I finished nine! Let's play nine more!
Golf's what Daylight Saving's for!

by The Original GolfBlogger, 2023

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