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The Golf Cradle

Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments:
The Golf Cradle is easily one of the two or three best golf accessories I’ve ever seen.

Unless you belong to a country club with lockers and a bag check, odds are pretty good that you lug your clubs around in the trunk of your car. You know it’s not exactly good for them, but you really don’t have a better option.

Now you do. The Golf Cradle is a designed to stabilize your clubs in the trunk, raising the neck of the bag off the floor to avoid damage to your shafts and heads.

The Golf Cradle consists of a swivel base, upon which is mounted a pair of hinged jaws. When you place the neck of your bag into the center of the open jaws, the bag’s weight forces them closed, securing it in place. There’s also a strap with a snap in case you have an oddly shaped bag that need extra security.

I was a bit worried at first that the cradle wouldn’t fit into the very narrow space behind the back seats of my short-bed minivan, but as you can see from the photo, it fits perfectly.

And it works perfectly. The Golf Cradle is a great product, and given the number of people with clubs banging about in their trunks, the company should sell millions of them.

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3 thoughts on “Golf Cradle Review”

  1. Smells like advertisement. But it seemed really helpful stuff. Especially when the trunk crowded or careful transportation needed.


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