Golf Games: Aces and Deuces

Aces and Deuces, aka Acey Ducey is a betting game best played between four evenly matched players.

On each hole, the Ace, or low score, wins a set amount from the other other three. At the same time, the Deuce—high score—loses a set amount to the other three. The Deuce payout typically is half the amount of the ace bet.

For example, if the Ace bet is $2 and the deuce bet is $1, on a win, the winner would collect $6 and the high score would pay $1 to each of the other two. The winner thus collects $7, and the loser pays out $5 ($2 + $1 to the winner and $1 to each of the other two.)

This is not a game for the faint of heart, or for a group where one of the players is markedly worse than the others. If that’s the case, the player who consistently gets the high score on a hole will lose a ton of money. In the example above, with just one and two dollar bets, a player with a high score on each hole would pay out $90.

The game can be made more even by playing with handicaps.

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