Golf In The Dark

Tiger Woods meets Stevie Wonder in a bar and the get to talking about golf.

“I’m a great golfer,” Stevie says. “I never lose a match.”

“I don’t understand,” Tiger says. “How do you know where to hit the ball?”

“Its easy,” Stevie said. “My caddie goes out to the middle of the fairway and shouts my name. I just hit it toward the sound. And when I get on the green, he kneels down next to the hole, puts his mouth near the cup and calls my name. I can tell from the sound how to line up, and how hard to hit it. I never lose.”

“That’s amazing,” said Tiger. “But I don’t believe you.”

“O.K., ” says Stevie. “How about we play a match for $100,000 dollars.”

“You’re on,” Tiger says. “When do we play?”

“Any night next week.”

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