Golf Is A Walking Game

Golf is a walking game. And save for those who are physically handicapped, there’s really no reason to ride a cart.

But in recent years, many courses have made walking impossible—either through their inaccessible designs, or by simply banning the walker. Things are turning around though, as more and more are returning to the games’ roots.

Michigan’s Booth News service has an article on some of Michigan’s resort courses that allow walking

Kudos to Boyne Highlands, High Pointe, Belevedere and Lakewood Shores—among others—who make walking a part of the game.

Aside from the obvious health benefits, you’ll play better when you walk. And you’ll play just as quickly—if not more so—than riding. And lets be clear about this. The insistence by courses on carts has never been about pace of play. It’s always been about generating another revenue stream. Carts are more profitable that the caddy.

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