Golf Naked Book Review

imageGolf, Naked: The Bare Essentials Revealed

by Gret Rowley, PGA

Grade: A++
Teacher’s Comments: The essential, comprehensive guide to a life in golf.

Golf, Naked, is the book that I wish I’d had in my hands when I began my life in golf.

Written by PGA Teaching Pro Greg Rowley, Golf, Naked is a friendly, comprehensive guide to mastering the non-swinging parts of golf. Rowley discusses the differences between private and public golf courses, the role of golf pros and other course employees, tips for properly getting on and off the course, what to do on the tees, betting, being a guest, tipping, the golf wardrobe, course etiquette, and more. In short, Rowley will help you look and feel like you actually belong on the course.

It’s a unique work. There are thousands of books on grip, stance, backswing and follow through. This is the only one I’ve seen that tells you what to do between those shots. It won’t cure your slice, but it will prevent you from committing a golf faux pas.

When I began my golfing career, I had the advantage of a friend who was a PGA Teaching pro. He graciously took the time to walk me through all the little nuances of course and clubhouse and impressed upon me that swinging the club was only one part of a life in golf. The rest is about manners, attitude, history and tradition. “You’ll play better if you dress well,” he said. And, “Fix two ball marks on every green. You’ll feel better about yourself and that’ll make you play better.” Or, “The bag boys are part of your team. Show them appreciation for cleaning your clubs.”

There are lots of nuances to golf. And knowing all those pieces are the difference between being a golfer or a guy who hits some balls on the weekend. Golf, Naked can guide you through that confusion.

Rowley writes in a breezy, humorous style. He’s never preachy or high handed in his guidelines for on-course behavior. And the book is full of funny stories from his career as a golf pro.

At first glance, Golf Naked would seem to be a book for beginners. But I think even a seasoned hand will be able to learn a thing or two. I have never been comfortable with tipping procedures, but after reading Golf, Naked, I feel reassured. Tiger himself could learn from the admonitions against anger and slamming clubs.

I can’t recommend this one highly enough.

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