Will Tiger Return Soon?

Loyal reader Martin points out a New York Daily News article (referencing another article in an Australian paper), stating that Tiger plans to return at the Accenture Match Play.

Martin Comments:

I am thinking that is BS, but wouldn’t be surprised to see a return in under 60 days. My thinking is that Elin is only making him go through that rehab in the hope to stay married, but will dump him whenever she decides she has made him try hard enough. However, playing a match play is a VERY good idea for a return in my opinion, because if the grief he gets from the crowd is too much, he is done after one day and can blow the match and leave (or if he legit loses). But he can also blow out the low seed that faces him, and gain a little respect the next day and it would build respect from victories with each round.

It isn’t like Tiger to play unpracticed though, and I doubt as he is 12-stepping that he is allowed to practice, certainly not on a real course – otherwise there would be sightings.

I agree with Martin that it’s likely nonsense. I just can’t see him making his debut at a tournament sponsored by Accenture—a sponsor who dropped him at the beginning of the scandal. Tiger doesn’t strike me as a forgiving kind of guy. He might not ever play that tournament again.

On the other hand, the solitary nature of match play would be a good venue for the return.

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1 thought on “Will Tiger Return Soon?”

  1. Wait a minute – Tiger isn’t forgiving of Accenture?  Accenture is the bad guy?  Maybe in Tiger’s twisted understanding of his reality. But in my world, Tiger’s the one who needs to ask forgiveness.  Not Accenture.

    As for when he should come back – if he comes back by July, it’s too soon to convince people that he’s sorry or that he would even understand that what he’s done is wrong.


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