Golf On Halloween


It hit seventy degrees here today in Michigan (isn’t Global Warming a wonderful thing) and I went to play at a course in mid-south Michigan called Concord Hills. It’s a wonderfully friendly course, with wide fairways and small, but well conditioned greens. Surprisingly, it also has some real elevation changes. There were a couple of holes where the shot to the green was plus-two or three clubs. Of course, on the other side of the coin, it’s a lot of fun to hit a tee shot off a mountaintop like this one. I think my shot went 300 yards here.

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1 thought on “Golf On Halloween”

  1. A high cut looks risky here to me. But, I guess from the look of this picture, “wide” is a relative term, eh? Must be at least, what, 20 or 25 yards to play with? smile


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