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  1. Here is another golf pen, which I say is more cool than ridiculous:
    The Fisher Space Pen – Alan Shepard Golf Ball edition

    As a kid, I saved up my pennies to buy a Fisher Space pen from the back of a comic book – and while it was never the best pen, it did always seem to work.  It kicked around for 30+ years and I found it about 3 years ago.  I started carrying it in my pocket, and then I think I left it on a golf cart.  It was pretty small, and the finish long wore off to a dull brown.  I ended up buying a couple replacements and this Golf Ball edition was one of them.  I don’t carry it around very much, but it is cool, and still pretty small when retracted.  Interesting thing is that you pull out the golf ball to get the pen to engage the tip, and then push the ball back in to retract the tip.


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