Golf School For The Golf Blogger Day 4

On the final day of the Black Lake Golf School, we spent the morning discussing EFFECTIVE practice and working on some practice routines. Then, we reviewed what we had learned individually the previous day, working through various clubs and shots.

The second half of the morning was spent playing the nine hole par three under the watchful eye of Marty Predmesky. The course is a lot of fun, with holes ranging from 56 to 117 yards. There are lots of bunkers, some ravines to shoot over, and plenty of rough to bury your ball. I picked up some good tips on getting the ball out of fluffy grass and about reading the effects of wind on those short shots (it was very windy).

Then it was lunch at the clubhouse, where we had a great talk with Debbie Massey, Pam Phipps and Marty. Debbie told some stories about being on the LPGA Tour, while Marty and Pam answered questions I had about running a golf course.

Among the themes of Debbie’s stories was the relative poverty of the LPGA. LPGA players, she said, are known for being friendly because they depended on money from pro ams to make ends meet. Without a tv contract, and revenue sharing, they had to really work to keep the sponsors happy.

After lunch, there was time for yet another round of golf on the fabulous Black Lake Golf course.

In all, this golf school was a great experience. The instructors were friendly, accommodating and thoroughly professional. The course is one of the best I’ve ever played. The food was great. And the hotel was … well … classic.

I recommend it completely.

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  1. Sounds like you had a really great experience at the golf school.  I’ve never done anything like that, but my wife did buy me a playing once in which I played a round of golf with the pro and then he analyzed my game after and made suggestions.


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