Golf Stocking Stuffers?

I’m looking for suggestions for golf-themed stocking stuffers … balls, of course. Tees. Ball Mark Tools.

Then what?

I’m trying to avoid things that might be nominated for Ridiculous Golf Item of the Week.

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3 thoughts on “Golf Stocking Stuffers?”

  1. A few years ago I received some re-usable hand warmers.  There is a liquid that produces heat as it crystalizes.  To re-use one boils the packet.  For a early and late season golfer, these are handy.

    A head-band, which I use in conjunction with my baseball-style hat in cold weather, is nice even when not golfing.

    A pair of rain gloves did wonders for me when we played in the remnants of Typhoon Melor on the west coast.  They were a bit pricy in the Spyglass Hill pro shop but I imagine they can be had for under $15.

    For my grandkids, I typically give them a dozen (or half dozen) odd golf balls.  Over the course of the year I find various balls of unusual colors or logos (e.g. Mickey Mouse).

  2. I think a gift certificate for a swing analysis at is a great stocking stuffer.  It is $24.95 for 1 analysis.  The golfer uploads a video of their swing for a customized analysis by PGA instructors.  Check out the site  Its great for the golfer who has everything they want, except a perfect swing.


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