The Last Drive of the Season?

Golf Ball In Fairway On A November Day

The last drive of the season finds the fairway.

It’s been an unusual fall here in Michigan as we approach Thanksgiving with temperatures still hovering in the low 50s. A year ago at this time it was 35 degrees and two inches of snow already had fallen. Lack of cold weather and snow disappoints Mrs. GolfBlogger, the ski patroller, but I am grateful for the extra time. Every day of mild weather (to hardcore Michigan golfers, anything above 50 is mild), shaves the dark period known as The Void—the weeks between the first snow and the spring thaw.

I fear that my good luck has come to an end, though. Weather forecasts suggest that we’ll get snow Thursday evening, and at any rate, the temperatures will fall in the low 40s by Wednesday, with predicted rain. I’m convinced that my last “real” round of the year was at Green Oaks yesterday, and I’m ready to transfer the clubs from trunk to shed. Almost. There’s something sad about that ritual,  and I’m still putting it off.

Still, if Monday’s round was this year’s last, I will park the clubs with only a hint of wistfulness. It was a fun nine. In spite of wind, chill and not a little moisture in the air, I managed to shoot a 44. Drives were straight (though not particularly long), the irons were steady, and my putting deadly. I even managed a spectacular jailbreak on my one wayward tee shot, punching a five wood through a portcullis of trees.

The last drive hit the fairway. And the last hole was a birdie.

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8 thoughts on “The Last Drive of the Season?”

  1. Your sentiments parallel mine.  My two golf buddies and I started the 2009 season at Salem Hills in early April.  I was recovering from a broken ankle at the time but just the process of getting out to play helped.  Monday we met at Salem Hills and played what likely will be our last 18 holes until next April (or March if we are lucky).  No last hole birdie but overall I think we were all pretty satisfied with our performance.  If the season ends this week, I will have no regrets.

  2. I’m with Mrs. Golfblogger on this. Bring on ski season. Not only am I much better at skiing and snowboarding than golf, but the March weather we’ve been having in these parts (50s, cold wind, soggy ground, overcast all day) doesn’t, for me, make for enjoyable golf.

  3. We always try to play one last time Thanksgiving weekend. I hope it works out but the weather is not looking so good.  The wife says put them away, but that is sad.  Funny about the trees this time of year you actually can go though them with no leaves.

  4. Ending the season with a birdie? That’s perfect.  I remember one season years back when on my first hole of the year—second official swing—I holed out from the fairway for eagle from 185.  But then the rest of the year was the worst ever.  I couldn’t play golf to save my life.

    That’s great you guys are such big skiers.  As a former ski bum, I’m insanely jealous.  Unfortunately, I think it will be a little while before I can click into a pair of skis again.  But I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving.

  5. You’re right about the lack of snow on the ground. It’s been too warm to even make snow.

    Ending the year with a birdie is a good way to go out, by the way. Two years ago, late in the season, I hold out from the fairway on a par 4. (Well, the course management says it’s a par 4, though the yardage is only 220.) That was the seventh. I don’t remember what happened after that!


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