Golfworks Lob Slider Review

Golfworks Lob Slider

Grade: B

I bought the lob slider when I was having some problems with my short game earlier in the summer. I was chunking my sand wedge on those close-in shots and thought that this would help.

It did. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to hit a fat shot with this thing. The ultra-wide bottom glides through grass and over dirt. It take some getting used to, but once you figure it out, it makes lob shots as easy as pie.

I’m not carrying it in my bag anymore, though. I worked out most of my problems with the sand wedge, and use my imagination to create other shots with other clubs. I use my 7 wood to do those short hops that the lob is good for, or chip with a 9 iron. If I really need to lob it, I open my sand wedge up wide open.

The lob slider is a one-trick pony. What it does, it does really well. But I require my clubs to do more than one trick. It gets a B for its lack of versatility.

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