Good Golf At The Barclays

A few random thoughts about this weekend’s Barclay’s—the first leg of the FedEx Cup “playoffs.”

All criticism of the course and the FedEx Cup aside, there was some pretty good golf being played at the Barclays on Sunday. It didn’t “feel” like a Major, but did feel like a very darn good tournament.

Heath Slocum? He’s the 124th ranked player in the tournament. That he could win—that he was even in the tournament—shows what’s wrong with thinking about the FedEx Cup series as a playoff. With 125 players in the tournament, everyone with a regular Tour card gets in. If I were running the show, the first tournament in the series would have half as many players.

Worse, if what I’m reading is true, Slocum can take the next two weeks off and still get in the finals. Still, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. I’m happy for him.

Tiger’s putting let him down again, as he missed a three footer on the same green where Slocum sunk a 20 footer for the win. It is interesting—though probably not pertinent—to note that the putting tends to go first as a champion ages. Think Ben Hogan, and Sam Snead, both of whom remained good ball strikers throughout their careers, but who struggled with the flat stick.

He wasn’t alone. Steve Stricker, currently my favorite on the tour for his steady play, missed a 12 footer that would have forced a playoff.

It was good to see Ernie Els in the thick of things again. The golf world is so much more interesting when he’s at the top of his game.

After tinkering all year, Padraig Harrington seems to have found his game. That’s another good thing.

Fluff Cowan needs to learn to count to 15. The extra club in Furyk’s bag on Saturday cost him four strokes, and left him six strokes out at the close of the day Sunday. Furyk was, as ever a gentleman about it: “We’ve been through too much together for a long, long time. He’s been on my bag for over 10 years. He does what he does. He shows up on time. He’s a good person and he’s a good caddie. The last thing I want anyone to do is blame it on Mike. The fact that we both made the error is what surprises me. That’s the shocker. I can see one person being a bonehead for 30 minutes, but two people is disappointing.”

I feel bad for Steve Marino.

Anyone have thoughts to add?


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1 thought on “Good Golf At The Barclays”

  1. Jim Furyk was a gentleman for sharing the blame with Mike Cowan.  However, I suspect that Mr. Cowan may have used up much of the goodwill he has banked with his employer.  Time for Mike Cowan to go back to the basics of counting clubs, updating the yardage books, and toting the bag.


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