Gull Lake View West Review

Gull Lake West )

Gull Lake View West

Grade: B+
Teachers’ Comments: Not as good as its sister course, Gull Lake View East, but still well worth playing.

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Built in 1963, Gull Lake View West is the eldest sister of the five courses in the Gull Lake family (the others are Gull Lake View West, Stonehedge North and South and Bedford Valley). As with the others, it is a big course, rambling over hill and vale, taking advantage of the area’s varied topography. The scenery is wonderful.

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Gull Lake View West is a good course for the bogey golfer. It is slightly longer than the East, and rated as slightly more difficult, but in many ways I still think it is easier. The fairways seemed more open and the total of the elevation changes not as dramatic. On a brisk fall day (in the beginning it was downright cold), I played well.

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The layout offers a lot of variety. There are three strong doglegs on this course—three, four and five. Two turn right, and one left. The rest of the holes are relatively straightforward affairs, or have gentle turns. Two had steep uphill approaches; two had steep downhill tee shots. Water comes into play on five holes. About half are wooded, the others, clear.

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From the back tees, the course measures 6,303 and plays to a 69.8/126. The middle tees are at 6,058 and play 68.5/124. As usual, I’ll admonish the bogey golfer to play from the middle tees, BUT … if you’re looking to push your game, you could try Gull Lake West from the back. This is not a course that will unduly punish you for your ambitions.

If you really want a treat, play this course in the fall. The colors are spectacular and you’ll have much of the course to yourself.

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Conditions on the day I played were good. Even after a long season, greens and tee boxes were in good shape, and the fairways well kept. From the low areas adjacent to swamps, I suspect that Gull Lake View West may have some soggy areas in wetter weather. But I saw none of that in the fall.

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Prices are fairly reasonable, at $39 on the weekends, and $50 for all day play. Weirdly, though the cart fees are an additional $16 for 18 hole. I walked, though, and you should too. It’s a vigorous, but eminently doable walk.


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