Have They Given Up?

Have they all given up? Like Avis (remember those commercials), Adam Scott says he’s playing for number two.

Adam Scott believes golf’s world No.2 ranking is within his grasp in the next year if he keeps playing at the level he is capable.

“Sure, I think I’m on the right track,” said Scott at the Players Championship where he’s part of a 15-strong Australian contingent at the Sawgrass TPC.

“I was No.10 in the world two weeks ago, so it’s pretty volatile,” said Scott, who is not quite so sanguine about the possibility of overtaking Woods any time soon.

“No.1 is not in my grasp in the next year, no.”

At least he qualified it with an “in the next year.”

I have a lot of sympathy for these guys. It must be a terrible thing to realize that you live in the era of Tiger Woods and that barring accident, you are not going to be number one.


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