How To Bet On Golf In Ohio

How To Bet On Golf In Ohio

The saying is simple: Patience is a virtue.

Well, for those in Ohio looking for legalized sports betting, the time is getting closer and closer.

The powers-that-be are looking at joining the world of sports betting sometime in 2022.

Welcome to the club, Ohio. We’ll be glad to have you on board.

But, while you await the legislators to get everything set in stone, we’re going to give you a little help looking at one of our favorite sports to put down a dollar or two on…golf and the PGA Tour.

If you’re a golf fan in Ohio, you’re well aware that one of the best events on Tour is held here every year: The Memorial Tournament presented by Workday. The Jack Nicklaus tournament will be held June 2-5, 2022, at Muirfield Village Golf Club and features a $12 million purse.

So while fans probably won’t be able to bet legally on the tournament while they are at the event this year, that day is apparently coming…and quickly.

Let’s get everyone ready with some of the best information we can give you.

When It Comes To Golf: Consistency Is Key

First of all, betting golf isn’t like wagering on any other sport. In baseball, football, basketball, hockey and others, it’s pretty cut-and-dry: It’s Team ‘A’ against Team ‘B’. You’ve got a 50-50 chance in most instances to cash your ticket.

That brings us to the wild, wonderful world of golf. Here, it’s not one-on-one betting. It’s one against 143 or so other players in the field. Not very good odds, right?

That being said, there are usually some very good odds if bettors can wade through the jungle of information that is out there. These odds and the assortment of Ohio sports betting bonuses coming soon makes this an exciting time for golf fans. 

And while picking a tournament winner is one of the most popular bets around, there are also prop bets with a little lower odds that also are popular.

Whatever your choices are, two things we tell everyone: Have fun and know your limits.

Picking A Winner Is Challenging

If you think picking a winning team of a game is tough when it’s just two teams, welcome to the world of one against 143.

Many PGA Tour events have a full field of 144 golfers. That is quite the dilemma when you’re trying to narrow down the field of choices.

A lot has to go right to pick a winner in any sport. But in golf, picking a winner is made tougher by the fact that the tournaments are four days in length and your pick has to have a flawless performance every day. It only takes a few things–a tee shot in the water or out of bounds, a three-putt or any other unforeseen mishap–and your wager can be derailed. It’s that simple.

Hot Golfers Need Your Attention

That may seem obvious, but a hot golfer coming into a tournament needs to be on bettors’ radar. This is a great place to start to narrow down your choice or choices to win.

Overall, what we like to do is start at the bottom with the longest odds and work our way up the list. If you’ve gone up 30 or 40 spots and haven’t seen a player to your liking, don’t worry. That’s why they have the longest of odds. 

While bettors may have favorite players they follow, that isn’t always the final factor when it comes to making a bet. That factor would be how your player or players fare in the upcoming tournament. If they have struggled to simply make the cut, stay away. If they are right in the hunt come Sunday at the event in past outings, backing them could certainly pay big dividends.

Other Options: Check Out Prop Bets

If you’re not that confident in picking a winner in a tournament, most betting sites offer prop bets that give bettors other options.

With the prop bets, bettors can pick players to finish in the top-five (or top 10 or top 20) of the tournament as well as picking head-to-head matchups.

Need more options? Don’t worry. The sports betting apps have them and there are usually plenty of choices. A lot of the events will feature bets such as ‘Will there be a hole-in-one?’ or ‘Will there be a playoff?’ or any number of others. One thing to remember is the more high-profile the tournament (such as the four majors), the more betting options will be offered.

Like We Said Earlier: Be Patient

We’ve just covered the golf portion of the sports betting world. There are many, many more sports on the multitude of sports apps that will pique bettors’ interest.

We know many of you Ohioans are anxious to get in on the betting action and we’re here to help bettors get the most and best information possible as you get ready to join the thrilling betting world in the coming months.

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