Huntmore Golf Club Review

Huntmore Golf Club

Huntmore Golf Club
Brighton, Michigan

Grade: B
Teachers’ Comments: Tough.

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Huntmore Golf Club is a deceptively tough course that requires precision shot making ability. Players who spray their shots are going to run up their scores and run out of balls.

Located near Brighton, Michigan, Huntmore is cut through swamp, field and forest. Fairways are tight, and there always seems to be a tree, a pond, a patch of grass or a swamp to make you pay for an error. The greens, too are tough.

When playing Huntmore, pay attention to the yardages. As a bogey golfer, I found the white tees offered plenty of course, even though they measured only 5995 yards. At that distance, Huntmore plays to a 68.8/127. Playing the blacks at 7,105 finds you at 74.8/143—as tough a course as I’ve seen in the area.

Local knowledge is at a premium at Huntmore. There are blind shots, deceptive lines and hidden surprises aplenty. I was lucky to play with a regular. Otherwise, I think I would have completely missed the fairways on a couple of holes. The fourth, in particular, gives no real clues as to what you’re supposed to do. I also was grateful to have someone telling me where to aim on the seventh, where the fairway seems to disappear in the landing area, and on the thirteenth, where the fairway runs at a right angle to the line off the tee.

Conditions on the day I visited were just so-so. The fairways were not in particularly good shape, with swampy areas and dead grass. Some areas looked uncared for. The greens were better, but nothing to brag about.

Huntmore’s prices are very good. As of this writing, you can play for $25 during the week, and they have an email club that regularly sends better deals.

I don’t know that I’d go out of my way to play Huntmore, but if you live in the area, it could be a part of your regular rotation.

You can see photos of Huntmore Golf Club here. When browsing, take into account the fact that it was a hazy, very humid morning, making everything look much more drab than it actually is. The photo above is the par 3 third.

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3 thoughts on “Huntmore Golf Club Review”

  1. Just played this course the other day and was very disappointed in the staff. Course was always friendly attmosphere and enjoye chatting with the people inside.  Starter a little intense and rude but nothing as bad as the staff inside.  I heard they are relatives and think they are way better than anyone else and it shows.  It`s a shame I won`t be back

  2. Others are correct. Rude staff and this is a joke of a clubhouse I feel for the neighborhood.  What is Brighton thinking this is a trailor.  The pro Matt I believe really thinks he is just better then everyone else.  I was here a few years back and loved the staff Ron and Gian were fantastic people and make my time there so enjoyable. I moved and now am back but won1t be back here hello Moose Ridge.


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