Huron-Clinton Metroparks Golf Course Reviews

Huron Clinton Metroparks Golf Course Reveiws
Hudson Mills’ fourteenth is a 477 yard par 5

Huron Clinton Metroparks Golf Course Reviews

Southeastern Michigan’s Huron-Clinton Metroparks system offers an amazing variety of outdoor activities. Among those are seven eighteen hole Metroparks golf courses, along with one par-3 and footgolf course.

The Metropark golf courses are what you might expect from park system courses. Architecturally, they are a mixed bag, with some very good holes followed by other not-so-good ones. Conditions are also what you would expect from what are essentially municipal courses. A couple I have found to be more than adequate upon repeated playing. Others were so bad I would not return. There is too much good, cheap golf in Southeast Michigan to repeatedly play borderline courses.

I think that Kensington is the best of the lot, followed closely by Huron Meadows. I have played both Kensington and Huron Meadows several times, and enjoyed each outing. Conditions at those two courses are generally good. The holes are more good than bad. Based on my one playing,  Willow is at  the bottom of the (existing) totem pole (the worst, Wolcott Mills, has closed). I would not return there.

Wolcott Mill has closed. That was addition by subtraction to the Metropark golf course collection. It was terrible.

You can find links to the reviews below.

Hudson Mills

Huron Meadows

Indian Springs


Lake Erie

Stony Creek


Wolcott Mill – Closed



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