Huron Meadows Golf Course Review

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Huron Meadows Metropark Golf Course
Brighton, Michigan

Grade: C+
Teacher’s Comments: A nicely kept muni—in this case, a “MetroPark.”

Huron Meadows is an enjoyable course maintained by the Huron-Clinton MetroParks system, which encompasses Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw and Livingston counties in Southeast Michigan.

Full disclosure: the course manager is a friend of mine, as are several employees.

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Both nines on this course are relatively wide open and receptive to the big hitter. The front nine, however, plays across more rolling terrain, and players will frequently need to clear valleys to set up the next shot. I have often found myself on the awkward side of a slope. Huron Meadows’ front nine has water on four holes to complicate matters.

The back nine at Huron Meadows is much more flat and is, I think, a good place to take beginners for a practice nine. Holes ten through eighteen measure just 2,895 yards from the gold tees; 2568 from the forward tees.

There are a few bunkers on both nines, but not enough to cause any real consternation. The course is primarily grass, grass and more grass. Kudos to the Metroparks for calling this course what it is—a meadow—and passing on the usual impulse to call any relatively flat course with a tree shortage a “links.”

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Huron Meadows was designed in 1983 by Sue Nyquist, who also was architect for the Indian Springs and Lake Erie Metropark Golf Courses. The course has a nice mix of holes, with eight doglegs, four fives, four threes and ten fours.

From the back tees, Huron Meadows stretches to 6,663 yards and plays to a 118/71.1. From the middle tees, it measures 6,431 and plays to a 70.0/117. Because the course is so open and receptive, I forswear my usual “play it forward mantra” and suggest that a bogey golfer can have a good time playing from the tips on this one.

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Conditions on the several times that I have visited were more than acceptable for a muni. Fairways, greens and tee boxes all were in good shape.

My biggest gripe about Huron Meadows is a testament to its success: I have always found it to be busy and thus, slow. It actually found its way off my regular rotation after a spectacularly slow round a couple years back.

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Huron Meadows also is somewhat overpriced for the area. There are no published prices on its website at this point, but checking the online tee times reveals rates running from $30 to $40. You can play the nearby and decidedly more upscale Moose Ridge for $48 on the weekdays and $50 on weekends. Washtenaw County’s municipal course, Pierce Lake, which is also a bit of a step up, has rates running from $18 to $45 depending upon the time.

If you haven’t played Huron Meadows before, keep your eyes open for a coupon or online deal and your group will be sure to have a good time.

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3 thoughts on “Huron Meadows Golf Course Review”

  1. As a senior, I find Huron Meadows rates to be on the lower end of the scale (2021). Unlike many public access courses that have seen a “COVID Boom”, the Metro Park system has not increased their rates or eliminated discounts. Their “stamp card” system allows me to play a free walking round for every 5 metro park visits (any course).

    When Huron Meadows first opened, they cut the grass from property line to property line. Some holes like #11 literally measured 200 yards across (fairway & rough). Fast forward to today and the course management has allowed the vegetation to grow out in many of the out of play sections. The driving areas remain generous but the look of the course has changed much for the better. The high grass and vegetation frames many holes and is actually rather pretty.

    It is one of the few Metro Park courses with a full grass range along with a chipping/pitching green and a very large putting green. It is a good place to practice.

  2. I should also mention that as a senior, I was able to walk & play 18 holes on 3/21/2023 for the grand some of $11. This special rate is only available at Huron Meadows and Hudson Mills (Dexter).


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