In The Mail: Pitchfix Repair Tools


Pitchfix sent a selection of their ball mark repair tools, ball markers and ball alignment tools for review. The standard tool come with either a metallic (back row) or rubberized finish (front row). All are switchblade style tools, and come with a magnetized ball marker.

Pitchfix ball markers
Pitchfix ball markers

Of greatest interest to me are the unique Pitchfix Twisters. These ball mark repair tools are designed to pull up, rather than push around the damaged green under a ball mark. This is supposed to be a superior method for greens repair. To use them, twist the bottom of the tool to extend the three prongs. Then simply plunge the tool into the green.

I can’t wait to try them.

Pitchfix Twisters
Pitchfix Twisters

As you can see, all of the products come in a dazzling variety of colors.

I’ll have full reviews of all of these as soon as possible.

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