In The Mail: Wondercide Insect Repellants

Wondercide Insect Repellent

In The Mail: Wondercide Insect Repellant

Arriving in the mail for review this week was an assortment of insect repellents from Wondercide. These are plant-based, all natural products said to be just as effective as repellents made with harsher chemicals.

The product features:

  • Lab tested and proven to work. Exceeds the same effectiveness standards required for conventional products.
  • Kills by contact and repels
  • Plant powered
  • Made with steam-distilled natural essential oils
  • Made without artificial colors, dyes, or fragrance
  • Made from the parts of plants without pollen
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Safe for use on people of all ages, including babies and kids, when used as directed
  • USA made with U.S. and global components
  • Holistic vet approved

We have plenty of mosquitos and flies here in Michigan in the summer, so I’ll be happy to give these a try. I won’t be able to report back until later in the year, though. Right now any mosquito that emerged would freeze to death overnight.

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