In The Mail: XXIO X Irons

XXIO X Irons
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Update: Read the full XXIO X Irons Review

In the mail for testing this week were a pitching wedge, seven and five irons from XXIO. The “X” irons from the Japanese manufacturer are forged, with a milled speed groove that is designed to provide distance and consistency. The channel around the perimeter flexes at impact to direct more energy back into the ball.

The key technology, however, lies in the club’s counter-weight system. Brass and rubber weights in the butt of each club shift the balance point to help players find the ideal top-of-swing position.

For what it’s worth, Jack Nicklaus backweighted his clubs. He thought that it helped with the change of direction and created greater speed.

I’ll have a full review of the XXIO X Irons in a couple of weeks.

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