Indian Tribes Go Into Golf Course Business

Here in Michigan, it’s a standing joke that Indian casinos are a plot to win their country back. But the casinos are a serious business, turning once destitute tribes into profitable and self-sustaining institutions.

Now the tribes apparently are going into the golf business. There are several golf courses at tribal casinos in Michigan, and they are springing up in other places, too.

The courses seem to be a “loss leader.” Golf isn’t particularly profitable, but the courses draw people who play during the day, and gamble at night. It’s sort of like the shows and free buffets.

What’s interesting about these courses, however, is that the tribes are paying big names to design their spreads: Tom Fazio, Jerry Pate, Pete Dye and Rees Jones are among the stars.

The Houston Chronicle has an article with more on tribal casinos and golf courses.

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  1. Indian golf courses on Indian reserves and close to casinos is normal proceedure in Canada.  Problem is most if not all have been heavily subsidized by the Canadian taxpayer and some projects have resulted in huge boondoggles.  Essentially turns out to be the Canadian federal government using my money to compete against off reserve private sector courses.


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