Is The Fedex Cup Irrelevant?

Is the Fedex Cup irrelevant?

Respected golf writer Ron Sirak thinks so.

So here’s the corner into which the PGA Tour has backed itself. Tiger Woods has won five tournaments, picking up along the way a major, two World Golf Championship events and $7.8 million. If Boo Weekley wins the FedEx Cup is he the Player of the Year? No way, Sparky. For all intents and purposes, the PGA Tour season ended Sunday at Southern Hills when Woods won the PGA Championship. The playoffs, which begin next week, give the term “postseason” a whole new meaning, perhaps something closer to postmortem.

That neatly sums up the problem that many are having with the FedEx Cup. The season is defined by the money list, and by four events over which the PGA Tour has no control And the latter is why the Tour created the Cup.  It has to bother them that they don’t have a stake in the four events that golfers care about most.

Tiger made that abundantly clear when he decided to sit out the first round.

Read the rest of the article. You’ll also find out why Sirak singled out Boo.

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