It’s Not Rocket Science … Its Golf Science

A company in Tempe, Arizona called Engineering Science Analysis Corp., is now applying its aerospace expertise to the golf world. Engineering Science will use its computer simulation models to test various clubhead designs before even a prototype is built. The programs will account for

materials, loft and lie angle, size and launch angle of a clubface, spring-like effect and center of gravity. With that information, they can determine the forward, lateral and vertical speed the club will produce, and spin rate, which results in hooks and slices.

“We can even tune the acoustics so that the club produces a certain sound when the ball is struck,” said ESA Vice President of Engineering Carl J. Poplawsky, “and we can do it without going through the entire process of building the club first. What we do is compress product development.”

Within a matter of hours, club specifications can be changed to predict the performance of a different model. The simulations also have been useful in expanding the “sweet spot” of clubs, which makes them perform better on off-center hits.

Its amazing stuff. The full story is here.

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  1. I used to sit next to the engineers at TaylorMade who would model everything that would happen to club before they even built a mock-up. I would assume that the other manufacturers do the same thing.


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