Johnny Miller On Avoiding The Choke

Facing perhaps the toughest golf course in America, a lot of golfers are going to choke this weekend at Oakmont in the 2007 US Open. Johnny Miller, who knows a thing or two about playing well at that course offered some advice on avoiding a choke in his book, I Call the Shots:

1) Admit you’re choking.

2) Get angry.

3) Eschew The X Factor: Miller believes that the modern swing, in which the player coils against their lower half is not conducive to playing well under pressure.

4) Learn the punch shot.

5) Listen to your hunches: Mechanical players, Miller believes have a harder time in fighting a choke. When teh mechanics fail, they may not be creative enough to find their way out of a choke.

6) Pretend to be someone else: When your swing is not working, try someone else’s . Ask “What Would Nicklaus Do”

7) Make the course your enemy.

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