Kroger Queen City Championship Winners and History

Kroger Queen City Championship Winners and History

New to the LPGA schedule in 2022 is the Kroger Queen City Championship. The inaugural tournament is scheduled for Sept 8 – 11, 2022.

The tournament is played at Kenwood Country Club in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati has been known as the “Queen City” since the early 19th century. Other nicknames were “Queen of the West” and “Athens of the West.” The nicknames apparently were the result of a mixture of civic pride and boosterism, selling the town as a center of culture in (what was then) the west.

For what it’s worth, Cincinnati is named for the Roman consul Cincinnatus, who led the army to victory over invaders, and then returned to his farm rather than accept the laurels due to a hero. The Roman’s example was echoed by George Washington, who, after having won the Revolution, retired to his farm (although he obviously returned to duty later as President, from which he voluntarily retired after two terms to return to his farm). Such was the example that a fraternal organization founded by former Continental Army officers was known as the Society of the Cincinnati.

Title sponsor Kroger, a grocery chain, is headquartered in Cincinnati, as is the presenting sponsor, P&G.

The last time Cincinnati hosted an LPGA event was 1989.

The List of Kroger Queen City Championship Winners follows:

YearWinnerScoreTo ParMargin
2023Minjee Lee272-16playoff
2022Ally Ewing266-221 shot

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