Lehman Picks Co Captains For Ryder Cup

US Ryder Cup Captain Tom Lehman has selected Corey Pavin and Loren Roberts to serve as co-captains for the 2006 event. I don’t think it’s going to help. As Jamie Diaz noted in a recent issue of Golf Digest, US players are slowly being eclipsed by international stars. Twenty six of the 48 PGA events last year were won by non-US players. And, Diaz says, after the big three of Mickelson, Woods and Love, the rest of the top players are “plodders” who “ply their trade on a tour that rewards middling finishes with riches.”

I posted similar thoughts earlier this year. I maintain that the selection system is broken, and that the captain—or captains—should be free to pick young, hungry players, instead of jaded pros for whom second … or fifth … or twentieth … in a regular tournament is ok becuase it means a decent payday.

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