Maxfli Powermax Distance ball

I was recently visiting the Golf Galaxy in Toledo where I saw stacks of these previously unknown balls from Maxfli. For a minute I felt like Robert von Beringe discovering the mountain gorilla. Then I realized that it was just Daly on the box.

After some online research, I’ve turned up absolutely nothing about this ball outside the Golf Galaxy and Dick’s Sporting Goods websites, which leads me to believe that it’s a “house brand” for the two companies. That makes sense because TaylorMade (Maxfli’s parent) has made exclusive stuff for Dick’s before and Dick’s now owns Golf Galaxy.

The ball appears to be a two piece, large core offering designed to minimize spin. That puts it in squarely in the distance ball category, but is certainly not going to make it a favorite with better players.

No matter. Since it’s priced at around $15 for 15 balls, the Powermax appears aimed at more occasional players.

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  1. A brand new Maxfli site is currently being developed that will have all the new products, including the PowerMax. Look for it in about a month.


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