Mickey Nolan – Golf Poetry

Mickey Nolan – Golf Poetry


MICKEY Nolan was a caddie, 
Blessed by philosophic grace — 

Such a merry little laddie, 
With a freckled, sun-burned face. 

If I lost a hole while playing,
Mickey trotted out his text. 

Not the faintest doubt betraying, 
"Sure, we'll get 'em at the next." 

Scores of times we tramped together 
Through the fairway to the green, 

In the best and worst of weather, 
Mickey serious and keen. 

Though the luck was going badly, 
Mickey never seemed perplexed, 

But would tell me, grinning gladly, 
"Sure, we'll get 'em at the next."
Mickey died — a hero clearly — 
Fighting gamely to the end ; 

And I mourned the lad sincerely. 
For I knew I'd lost a friend. 

Often now, when fate is tricky, 
And I'm feeling down and vexed, 

I remember smiling Mickey 
And "we'll get 'em at the next." 

by Benjamin Aymar Sands, in Lyrics of the Links, 1921. Sands, (1853 – 1917) was a New York lawyer.

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