Mitsubishi Electric Championship Winners and History

Mitsubishi Electric Championship at Hualalai

Mitsubishi Electric Championship Winners and History

The Mitsubishi Electric Championship at Hualalai began life in 1984 as the MONY Senior Tournament of Champions. It is the Champions Tour’s version of the PGA Tour’s Tournament of Champions. The field consists of senior Major champions from the last five years, plus regular tournament winners from the past two years.

Six players have two wins each:

  • Bernhard Langer: 2009, 2014
  • John Cook: 2011, 2013
  • Hale Irwin: 1997, 2007
  • Dana Quigley: 2003, 2005
  • George Archer: 1990, 2000
  • Al Geiberger: 1992, 1993
  • Miller Barber: 1986, 1989

A complete list of Mitsubishi Electric Championship winners follows:

Mitsubishi Electric Championship
at Hualalai
2023Steve Stricker193 (-23)7 strokes
2022Miguel Angel Jimenez (3)199 (-17)Playoff
2021Darren Clarke195 (-21)2 strokes
2020Miguel Angel Jimenez (2)202 (-14)Playoff
2019Tom Lehman199 (-17)1 Stroke
2018Jerry Kelly198 (−18)1 stroke
2017Bernhard Langer (3)129 (−15) 11 stroke
2016Duffy Waldorf198 (−18)1 stroke
2015Miguel Ángel Jiménez199 (−17)1 stroke
2014Bernhard Langer  (2)194 (−22)3 strokes
2013John Cook (2)199 (−17)Playoff
2012Dan Forsman201 (−15)2 strokes
2011John Cook  (1)194 (−22)2 strokes
2010Tom Watson194 (−22)1 stroke
2009Bernhard Langer  (1)198 (−18)1 stroke
at Hualalai
2008Fred Funk195 (−21)2 strokes
2007Hale Irwin (2)193 (−23)5 strokes
2006Loren Roberts191 (−25)1 stroke
2005Dana Quigley (2)198 (−18)Playoff
2004Fuzzy Zoeller196 (−20)1 stroke
2003Dana Quigley  (1)198 (−18)Playoff
2002Tom Kite199 (−17)6 strokes
2001Larry Nelson197 (−19)1 stroke
2000George Archer (2)207 (−9)2 strokes
1999John Jacobs203 (−13)3 strokes
1998Gil Morgan195 (−21)6 strokes
1997Hale Irwin  (1)209 (−7)2 strokes
Puerto Rico
of Champions
1996John Bland207 (−9)1 stroke
of Champions
1995Jim Colbert209 (−7)Playoff[3]
1994Jack Nicklaus279 (−9)1 stroke
Infiniti Senior
of Champions
1993Al Geiberger (2)280 (−8)2 strokes
1992Al Geiberger  (1)282 (−6)3 strokes
1991Bruce Crampton279 (−9)4 strokes
MONY Senior
of Champions
1990George Archer  (1)283 (−5)7 strokes
1989Miller Barber (2)280 (−8)1 stroke
1988Dave Hill211 (−5)1 stroke
1987Don January287 (−1)Playoff
1986Miller Barber  (1)282 (−6)5 strokes
1985Peter Thomson284 (−4)3 strokes
1984Orville Moody288 (E)7 strokes

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