Mizuno MX-560 Driver Mini Review

Mizuno MX-560 Men’s Driver

Regular readers will know that the GolfBlogger has been spending some time at demo days this spring looking for a replacement driver. An analysis of my swing shows that my launch angle is too high, and that there’s too much spin on my ball—both of which cost me yards off the tee.

Thus far, I’ve tried Nike, TaylorMade, Cleveland, MacGregor and Mizuno. My favorites have been the TaylorMade Tour Burner (way too expensive for this teacher’s salary, though) and the Cleveland XLS (good performance, better price).

To that short list, I can add another club: the Mizuno MX-560. In fact, it may be my current choice.

The MX-560 is another one of those “geometrically driven” clubs. Like the Burner and the XLS, the crown swoops down away from the face, rather than curving up as with a traditional driver shape. The effect is not as severe as the XLS with its scoop back, but the thought is the same. What it’s supposed to do is increase the moment of intertia, both heel to toe and crown to sole.

After hearing my (very sad) clubtest angle, spin and swing speed numbers, the Mizuno rep gave me a 8.5 degree, stiff shaft model. It turned out to be just the right fit. I absolutely bombed those shots out past the 250 marker with those terrible yellow range balls. For half an hour, I hit ball after ball after ball, and almost every one was straight and long.

I also tried a 9.5 degree, regular shaft for a while and liked that also, although I think the shots were less straight and noticeably higher.

So here’s what Mizuno says about the clubs:

The MX-560™ driver achieves two major design goals: EXTREME DISTANCE and EXTREME FORGIVENESS. In creating a unique H.E.M.I. geometric head shape, Mizuno engineers increased the heel-toe and up-down MOI of the driver for massive forgiveness, while maintaining a low spin rate and high launch angle for massive distance. Furthermore, the H.E.M.I geometric shape provides the perfect balance of a low-deep COG and a COG with proper distance from the shaft axis. This also aids greatly in “Bombing” long and straight drives. In addition, the CNC milled plasma welded CORTECH ™ face insert delivers the maximum USGA allowable ball speed across the entire area of the face for explosive distance.

H.E.M.I Geometric Head Design for Extreme Distance and Extreme Forgiveness.


  * Unique H.E.M.I geometric head shape delivers maximum heel-toe and up-down MOI and a precisely placed C.O.G. for EXTREME FORGIVENESS.
  * CNC milled, plasma welded CORTECH™ design utilizes multiple face thicknesses for EXTREME DISTANCE.
  * Maximum allowable USGA 460cc volume delivered in a unbelievably large head shape for a “can’t miss” driving attitude.
  * Solid, Explosive, and Powerful sound.

The best part about this very good club is the price. Mizuno has it set at $299. I’ve always thought of Mizuno as a premium club (probably because the guys who play them kick my butt regularly; the brand has a reputation for “players” clubs).

Its going to be a very tough decision for me. When I get a club, its got to be right because I won’t be able to purchase another for several seasons. TaylorMade? Cleveland? Mizuno? There’s more thinking to be done.

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1 thought on “Mizuno MX-560 Driver Mini Review”

  1. I almost went out and bought this driver. It’s top notch. Plus it would look nice with my Mizuno MX-25s. I have a Taylor Made r7 which I purchased two years ago still in play worthy shape. Maybe next year.

    Right now I am focused on finding a fairway wood. I just picked up a Callaway FT Hybrid, which is a very good club. I wanted the get the new Bobby Jones Hybrid but opted with the Callaway instead. Got a a good deal.

    Might look into Ping G10 for a fairway wood not sure.


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