More On The Players As Major Controversy

Scotsman columnist John Huggins is adamant: The Players is NOT a Major. Nor will it ever be.

Its interesting the difference in perspective on the other side of the pond. Huggins’ most telling comment may be this one:

Given that three of the four real majors are already held in the one country, the last thing golf needs is another one in the good ol’ US of A. Throw in the fact that the three “World” Golf Championships over the new few years are all going to be played east of LA and west of NYC, Uncle Sam’s nieces and nephews can hardly complain if the rest of us take the wider view that enough is enough. After all, lack of travel narrows the mind.

It’s clear that there’s a degree of resentment there. But I’ll say this: When a Euro Tour event offers a purse of $8 million and attracts all but one or two of the top players in the World without resorting to appearance fees, then maybe there will be an argument for another world event as a major.

The column is worth a read.

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