Golf Products I’d Like To See

Here are a couple of golf products that I’d like to see. Manufacturers hereby have permission to steal these ideas and run with them.

Zip Off Pants Designed For Golfers

Long pants that covert to shorts by zipping off the lower portion of the legs are a wonderful idea. And while there are a lot of manufacturers who offer zip off pants, they’re mostly designed for the hiker/climber/camper crowd. The pants are made of ripstop nylon, have baggy cargo pockets, and cuffs that are designed to snap around boots. They also tend to come in just one length per waist size.

The golf version would be made of a fabric more suited to country clubs, such a chino or microfiber, and tailored more traditionally. The cargo pockets would be eliminated, and the snap cuffs would be replaced with hems of varying lengths.

Ball Market Hat Pins

The magnetic ball marker hat clips are pretty good, but I’d like to see someone make a magnetic ball marker hat pin. I got the idea when I was looking at one of my Dad’s baseball caps which he had festooned with pins won in various Volksmarching events. It dawned on me that a pin on the side of my hat would look pretty good.

It wouldn’t take much to produce these. I may even go to a craft store and get the parts for a prototype. Rather than clipping on to the brim, the magnetic holder would be soldered to a part that would be pinned to the fabric of a hat.

Anyone otu there have an idea for something they’d like to see?

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