New: Wilson Staff Duo Matte Finish Golf Balls

New: Wilson Staff Duo Matte Finish Golf Balls
Wilson Staff Duo Matte Finish Golf Balls come in Optix Pink, Orange, White Green, Red and Yellow

New: Wilson Staff Duo Matte Finish Golf Balls

Last year, Volvik Golf had a surprise hit on their hands with the Volvik Vivid, the world’s first matte finish ball. Eye poppingly bright — to the point where the ball actually looks larger — the Vivid is sold out everywhere. Volvik apparently can’t make them fast enough to keep up with demand. I like the ball quite a bit. The Vivid is very easy to track in flight, and even easier to find on the ground. It is hard to lose these. Color aside, the Volvik Vivid also is a very good ball, for which this mid handicapper gets very good performance.

Other manufacturers have taken notice. Upstart manufacturer Vice Golf now makes a matte finish version of their Pro Soft, albeit only in a couple of colors. Conspicuously missing is a match for the orange I so love in the Volvik Vivid.

Now Wilson has stepped into the fray. On November 17, Wilson will release the Duo Soft Matte Finish in red, green, orange, yellow, and pink as well as a Women’s DUO Soft in soft white matte. Both will retail for $19.99, which is about ten dollars cheaper than the Vivid.

I’m very much interested in the development, as the Duo has been one of my favorite golf balls since its initial release. The Duo plays very well for a slower-swinging player like myself. The combination of performance, price and color — along with the possibility that Wilson will actually make enough to go around — may well be a winner.

“The industry’s lowest 29-compression golf balls are not only the softest, longest and straightest, but now even longer and more
durable,” comments Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Golf Ball Innovation. “With a 3% larger core for increased ball velocity and a softer, thinner sodium/zinc ionomer cover for optimal distance and durability, this newly formulated 2-piece golf ball provides low driver spin, exceptional yardage and unparalleled soft feel to the Distance (D) player.”

“Additionally, the optimized dimple pattern has reduced dimple depth by 5.7%, resulting in higher trajectory and longer distance performance. These enhancements give DUO Soft the (1) best feel, (2) longest distance, and (3) the lowest spin leading to straightest flight off the tee in testing against all competitive premium 2-piece balls.”

I’m looking forward to giving the Wilson Staff Duo Matte Finish Golf Balls a try.


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