New On The Book Store Shelves: A Course Called Ireland


New on the book store shelves: A Course Called Ireland: A Long Walk in Search of a Country, a Pint, and the Next Tee

A nice premise for a book: Golf Writer Tom Coyne spends 16 weeks walking the coast of Ireland and playing every seaside hole he can find.

So how do I get a publisher to advance me the money so I can play every course in Michigan?

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2 thoughts on “New On The Book Store Shelves: A Course Called Ireland”

  1. Prior to embarking on your project of playing every Michigan course and writing a book about it, you might consider moving to a smaller state.  We are blessed with so many courses, it would likely take several years.  Still, it would be a singular achievement and I guarantee you that you would sell at least one book (to me).

    I plan on purchasing Mr. Coyne’s book.  Having had the opportunity to play several seaside courses in SW Ireland, I am interested in his perspective.  My hope is he does a good job with this story.

    His first book, Paper Tiger, had an interesting premise; a former almost-collegiate golfer (Mr. Coyne) dedicated a year to becoming a professional golfer.  My problems with the book were:

    a. How selfish he was to essentially abandon his fiance over a book idea, and
    b. His inability to figure out ahead of time that he was not eligible to enter the event (Q School) which was his ultimate goal.

    He also seemed to have no idea about course management.  Throughout the book, he would turn a solid round into disaster.  Despite all the professional assistance, he just never put it all together.  In the end, it may have just underscored the fact that reaching the skill level of a professional is impossible for even a very good player.

  2. Too right. We have more than 800 public courses. If I played one a day on each of the days we can generally play golf—say, April through October—that’s about 200 days. It’d take me four or five years to get it done.


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