New Putter MOI Study From Golfworks

The Golfworks, a leading component manufacturer, has released a new study about the effects of moment of intertia (MOI) on putters. MOI is a measure of an object’s resistance to twisting. The higher the MOI, the less twisting, and thus, the more on-line any putt will be. Golfworks’ Ralph Maltby, the mad scientist of golf club designers, explains it this way:

Greater M.O.I. = More Distance On Off-Center Hits
Greater M.O.I. = More Solid Feel On Off-Center Hits
Greater M.O.I. = Better Directional Control On Off-Center Hits

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1 thought on “New Putter MOI Study From Golfworks”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
        My name is Jack Nunn I am studying in my 3rd year of a BSc HONS Sports Technology at the University of Central Lancashire. I am currently researching the physical properties of putters for my forth-coming dissertation. I have found it very difficult to ascertain statistics on the performance, mechanics, materials and sizes of putters. The most helpful information would be in the form of a journal study, testing the properties of the putter. I hoped that you could help me with this. If you have any information regarding the above from journals to contact numbers/ email addresses. I would be very grateful if you could forward them to me.
        Yours Sincerely
        Jack Nunn
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