Nice Shot Golf Gloves Review

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Nice Shot Golf Glove

Nice Shot Golf Gloves
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: A nice fitting glove with a clever twist.

Nice Shot Golf Gloves are nicely constructed, good-fitting gloves made from soft cabretta leather. In that, they’re perfectly ordinary. Pro shops are full of nice fitting, nice feeling gloves.

Where Nice Shot gloves distinguish themselves is that they have the words “Nice Shot” embroidered on various digits. Depending upon the model you choose, you can raise your hand to give your playing partners or opponents a complementary “Nice Shot” with a thumbs up, bull horns, a “V” for victory or the “bird.”

Nice Shot Gloves
Nice Shot Gloves

The “Bird” model would be great for golf leagues. Every time your opponent sinks one for a point, you can simultaneously complement and insult him.

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