Nicklaus On Watson

Jack Nicklaus’s website has some comments by The Greatest Golfer of All Time on the recent achievements of his friend Tom Watson:

5. How does Tom deal with the lead overnight and into tomorrow, even though he’s been there many times?

JACK: I think he will deal with it; he’ll deal with it fine. Whether or not Tom plays well tomorrow, whether or not he wins, it doesn’t make a difference. Of course, we would all love to see Tom win, but what he has accomplished already is a phenomenal achievement.

6. Does experience outweigh age?

JACK: Oh yeah, especially in his case. Absolutely. Not many people at his age can take the swing he has. He has always had such a beautiful, full turn and it hasn’t changed. This week, he has also made the putts when he’s had to make them. How many times in the last two days has he dropped behind only to come back? He drove the ball beautifully today; he’s hit some great golf shots and he’s making putts when needed. The thing Tom will realize is that this golf course is not very easy. No matter what every body else does tomorrow, they will make mistakes. He will, too. And he knows that. The key for him is to just not let the mistakes multiply or manifest themselves into a bad hole. If Tom plays smart golf tomorrow, he is the favorite. And l do not anticipate him playing anything but smart golf.

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