Nike Recalls The Sumo 2

imageIn what has to be a major embarrassment for the company, Nike Golf is recalling its new SUMO 2 square drivers. The recall apparently was announced when it was discovered that a manufacturing variance caused the “Characteristic Time” measurement of some of the drivers to fall outside USGA specifications. A Seattle area paper (Nike is in Washington state) sniffed that the defect would “only” result in two or three extra yards.

Nike claims the equipment used by its tour players is not affected.

It’s a voluntary recall, but I’ve read that the testing was done at the behest of an unnamed competitor.

To tell whether your driver is conforming or not, check the bottom of the driver as shown in the photo. Conforming drivers have a little circular mark. If yours isn’t conforming, Nike will replace it. You can get more information on the recall on the Nike site.

I wonder if the old, non-conforming drivers could become a collector’s item like some of those mis-struck coins that occasionally make their way out into the open. If everyone else turns theirs in …

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1 thought on “Nike Recalls The Sumo 2”

  1. I was sitting next to my club’s chairman of the board at a lunch after a St. Patty’s scramble.  He had one of the first Nike Square’s as it came off the truck.  Should I have his team disqualified?  wink

    Funny thing was that he won in the raffle another Square driver, which I think was the one thing he didn’t want.  Now he is doublely non-conforming.


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