Not So Ridiculous - Handsome Smooths Underwear Review

Handsome Smooths
Grade A
Teacher’s Comments; I can’t believe I’m reviewing underwear.But they’re really comfortable.

A couple of weeks ago, I listed Handsome Smooths performance golf underwear as my “Ridiculous Golf Item of the Week.” The folk at Handsome Smooths saw the post and wrote to say that if I tried them, I wouldn’t think them so ridiculous. Then they sent a pair of their Sandtrap Model for my review.

And it turns out that they’re right: Handsome Smooths are much more comfortable than regular cotton boxers—especially when walking a round of golf on hot, muggy, sticky days.

The secret seems to be in the “performance fabric.” It’s a silky feeling material which Handsome Smooths says is breathable and wicks away moisture. It’s also somewhat stretchy. It’s apparently the same kind of material that is used in other “performance” type clothes, such as Underarmor.

The Handsome Smooths, though are more suited to the links than to the gridiron. Unlike other performance unmentionables, these are cut in a classic boxer style. They’ve got a stitchless waistband and seamless construction to prefent chafing and rubbing.

I don’t know how the fabric and construction will hold up over the long run, since I have no previous experience with this kind of material. But it all appears to be top quality. (Mrs. Golfblogger, an accomplished seamstress, gave it a good grade).

I would get a pair of these to wear every day of the week, but I can’t afford it. At $24 a pair, these are a luxury. So for now, I will cherish the pair that I have.


These indeed have held up very well over the past year. I recommend them, especially on hot summer days.



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