Oh The Irony …

Adam Scott, with Steve Williams on the bag, leads the Bridgestone with a first round 62. Tiger is six shots back. I wonder if he wishes he had Steve back. I think he willbefore the weekend is over.

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3 thoughts on “Oh The Irony …”

  1. Watching todays coverage of the Eldrick Woods tour.  This is the WORST coverage by Golf Channel ever.

    Watching World #28 take off his glove.  wiping sweat.  putting on glove.  picking his buttcrack.  take a shot.  mark a ball.  WTF?  some other golfer doing something?  Go back to Tiger. 

    But I will say this, at least they did give one other golfer some coverage.  I don’t recall another time we could ever see someone go 11 strokes out of the lead in one round, but we got to see about every shot of Darrin Clarke do just that.


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