Omaha Golf Complex Would Cater To Retro Golf

A proposed golf complex in Omaha, Nebraska would pay homage to St. Andrews while doing something very unusual: It would be designed to accommodate players with vintage clubs.

What would further set apart a riverfront course as a potential tourist destination in Omaha is that (Golf Architect Tom) Doak would design it in a retro style that allows play with pre-1900 hickory-shaft clubs and replica, limited-flight golf balls — and with the golfer wearing replica garb — while still being a modern, championship-length course.

Multiple tees would be built so the course could play as short as 4,500 yards to accommodate use of the limited-flight balls.

“Imagine,’’ (Gary) Wiren said, “you walk into the clubhouse and you get asked, ‘How do you like to play your golf today? Modern, classical (1920s equipment) or antiquarian (pre-1900s)? This would be something nobody in the world has.”

Doak said the land he has seen would lend itself to a course that is “low-profile,” or subtle, in design because the ground is relatively flat. Like St. Andrews, the course could be just two holes wide, with an outward nine and an inward nine.
Distances from greens to the next tee would be short, to promote walking and possible use of caddies.

“I’d hope you could make this a no-(riding) cart course,’’ Doak said.

The facility also would contain a museum that would hold Gary Wiren’s golf collection, a multi-million dollar accumulation of rare clubs and balls, golf related books, postcards and sheet music, photographs and other collectables.

What a great idea!!

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