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imageOnline instruction is the wave of the future. With basic internet functions such as email and web pages, as well as the latest advancements in streaming media, content that has originally been offered in classrooms, now is available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. I’m currently taking a medieval English History class through BYU to renew my teaching certificate. My brother is taking an online MBA course through a major state university. Every major college and university is getting in on the act, as are dozens of private companies.

So it’s only natural that someone would take advantage of these trends and offer online golf instruction. Golf Instruction Courses dot Com, located in Brighton, Michigan is at the forefront of this educational revolution.  They’ve got three courses that cover setup and preshot routine, basic golf swing and getting the ball in the air. Each course includes on-demand video instruction and a written booklet. From their website:

The golf instruction and lessons that we provide are designed learning experiences. That is, they contain those elements that enhance learning and retention. To improve and enhance the golf training, instructional design elements are included in each course or lesson that help the student learn the specific technique. Students learn from reading the material and seeing the graphics, viewing and listening to the video demonstrations, and doing the building block learning exercises -– reading, seeing, hearing, doing, and measuring performance. These five methods of learning encompass each of the areas that all persons rely on most to learn and retain a skill. It will take a student anywhere from 1 to 8 hours to complete a lesson, which includes the learning exercises that are part of the lesson.

Take a look. They’ve also got a free lesson on their front page.

And thanks to Golf Instruction Courses dot Com for their donation of gift certificates to the South Arbor Academy Charity Auction

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