Paige Spiranac Tees Off For The Show

PaigeTrailer from The Show on Vimeo.

Paige Spiranac is the attractive golfing star of this trailer for the new digital sports network, The Show.

The Show hopes to become fans’┬ádestination for original video content featuring professional athletes and sport-centric narratives. The press release says that “We are storytellers and sports enthusiasts, and we have built a platform that brings those worlds together. From trending topics to in-depth behind the scenes action, we develop, produce, curate, and distribute the most engaging original sports video content.”

Featuring a sexily clad Paige Spiranac is of course a naked effort to drive eyeballs to the new platform. I hope that it does not, however, foretell where the network will end up. There already are too many sites — in golf, but other sports as well — that try to drive up their click counts by featuring risque photos of Tour players’ hot wives and girlfriends, half naked LPGA players and gossip stories that better belong on the pages of People.

My plea to The Show is to provide relevant sports stories, and not stoop to the lowest common denominator of cheesecake, gossip and trick shots.

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