Par 3 MicroGab Golf Knickers


The Golf Warehouse has these Par 3 MicroGab Golf Knickersicon. I’ve always wanted a pair, but never had the guts to buy and wear them.

I’ve also thought that it would be a lot of fun to do golf-reenacting, just as some people do Civil War re-enacting, or even vintage baseball re-enacting (there’s an actual league of these, and the nearby Greenfield village museum has a team called the Lah-de-dahs. They play with 1800s rules, equipment and uniforms.

The golf re-enacting thing appeals to me because my home course dates to 1899. I could use hickory shafts and gutta percha balls. Then, I’d have an excuse for poor play.

3 thoughts on “Par 3 MicroGab Golf Knickers”

  1. I am trying to remember the official name of original men’s golf pants. Not knickers or bloomers. My father told me and I can’t remember. He died so I can’t ask him. Thanks, Nancy

  2. Well, these ones were the original. Good Quality too. I remember their logo on Bob hope and gerald Ford.

    I thik you were thinking of Plus 4’s.


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